• Classrooms

    Fully Air conditioned classrooms with Huge size of 750sq. ft. area with interactive boards & interactive content

  • Shooting

    15 Mts. Shooting range

  • Boxing Ring

    Boxing Ring for the first time in Delhi/NCR school

Gaurs International School Way Ahead in term of “TECHNOLOGY”

Gaurs International School launches its own “MOBILE APPLICATION”
Parents will get every minute detail of their child at school on their mobile.

Child activity at the School, his behavior, and academics related details are shared with Parents at the time of PTM, because that’s the only way of communication, but at Gaurs International School each day a Parent Teacher Meeting can be possible through this app.

In today’s Age, when both the Parents are working, it’s not possible on daily basis that the Parent can track all the details and activities of their ward from the teacher. The problems those are faced by the Parents, can be addressed with this app .It is very important that Parents and Teachers are connected with each other, on daily basis.

Recently the app launched by GIS was very helpful to track all the details of ward at the School. GIS is launching an app which will work at par to Whatsapp and Facebook .Through this app student related activity, performance, result, homework and many more can be accessed on parents mobile.

Features of GIS Mobile Application
1) MY PROFILE: - In this feature, the details of the child is given.
2) ATTENDANCE: - Now the attendance of the child can be tracked on daily basis.
3) HOMEWORK: - Diary of your ward is in your phone. Earlier homework reached to parents once the child was back from the School, but through this app parents can get all the homework related information before time. If your ward misses his school even for 1 day, now getting the homework done will not be a task, after this handy application.
4) CIRCULAR: - Circulars are very important part of School. All important information is circulated through this app on time to all Parents.
5) REMARKS:- The activities and daily routine of the child can be tracked with the help of this app( whether the ward reached school on time, has your ward completed all the homework or any feedback the teacher would like to share). Even though you are not physically present in the School but through this app you will be able to get all the details.
6) CALENDAR: - Calendar for the entire academic year is also available.
7) FEES: - Fees related details will now be available on your fingertips.
8) LIBRARY: - All Library related information can be accessed through an icon in this application.
9) COMMUNICATION:- There will be no communication gap between parents and teachers with the help of this app.