Dear Parents,

It has come to the knowledge of the school authority that parents are sending their children to the school by private transport which is not authorized by the school.

Few points of concern:

  1. It has come to our knowledge that these vehicles have a seating capacity of only 5-7 students but vendors are bringing 10 to 14 students in these small vehicles which is unsafe.
  2. In these vehicles students are not escorted properly by their van drivers. After getting student handed over by cab incharges they do not take all the students with them in a proper line and instead they take only 2 or 3 students and leave the rest to follow. This puts the security and safety of the children at great risk.
  3. As per the security norms no cameras and GPS are installed inside these vehicles. Also there is no female attendant accompanying students.
  4. It has also been noticed that the vehicles don’t have duly completed RTO documents.
  • The police verification is not being carried out for all the drivers.
  • There is also no check on their medical fitness / past criminal record / license expiry.
  • The condition of some of the vehicles is also not as per the compliance of RTO guidelines.
  • The vehicles are not commercialized and the drivers do not have appropriate driving license.
  1. It has also been observed that in the morning, the van drivers just drop the students at school gate 7:20 am, as they go back for bringing other children to the school. The school gates open only by 7:45 am and the children are not allowed inside the school premises.

There is no school authority present to monitor safety and security of child outside the gates which is again a great risk.

Hence onwards, the students will be handed over by the school authorities to the cab drivers / owners only if they have proper attendant card.

In view of the above, the parents of students travelling in vans are advised to either opt for the bus facility from the school or pick and drop child by themselves to take care of the security and safety of their children.

Parents should send their children in those vehicles which comply with above safety guidelines and further ensure that the vans drop their wards only between 7:45 am to 8:05 am for (classes I to XII) and 8:45 am to 9:05 am for (class Pre-Nursery to Prep).

Your cooperation in this regard will be greatly appreciated.