Guidelines for Private Transport

Dear Parents,

Gaurs International School has always believed in focusing on the safety and security of their students. With reference to the incident reported in Times Of India(newspaper cutting attached), where school van caught fire due to fault in CNG kit and on other hand a 3 year old child was run over by school van due to the carelessness of the driver. In lieu with this the school is also concerned about students who travel through private transport for which the school is not responsible. Parents who are opting and those who have already opted for private cab facility are required to follow and confirm few basic guidelines which will help to ensure safe travel for your ward.

You are required to read and ensure that the below mentioned guidelines are checked before you opt for the Private Transport:

  • CNG should be appropriately fitted as per the company norms
  • Number of students travelling in the cab should be of appropriate capacity per the vehicle
  • Parents need to verify the Drivers driving details like experience, license etc.
  • Please ensure the driver carries the contact number of all the travelling students for handling emergencies if any (to keep you informed at all time).
  • Fire Extinguisher should be fitted. It’s mandatory.
  • Frequent driver changes should not be accepted in lieu with the safety of your child.
  • The driver should be properly verified before being assigned as a driver for your ward.

Thanks for your cooperation.


Transport Desk

Gaurs International School